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Choosing A Correct Translation Agency In India

Posted on July 15, 2014 by TGCS

When an organization in India wants to go global with its products, it needs to consider various factors, one of them being a language that it will use for communication. It should always use a native language of the target audience for communication. Not just selling but even while having various contract signed and for legal document, an organization should prefer using native language. For example, when it plans to expand to UAE, it should use Arabic language for all forms of business communication. Similarly for expanding to any territory in the world, an organization should use the native language of that particular territory.

A language translation agency in India will be very useful for you in such scenarios. Language translation agencies can take care of any kind of translation. From legal to financial, website translation to ad-copy writing, it can translate any type of content from any source language to any target language.

However, just selecting any random agency may not be that fruitful. If an agency fails to provide a error free translation, then content will eventually end up hampering your brand value. Hence, an organization should select only professional ones for its translation work as the content that needs to be translated will actually help in building your brand image for translated professionally.

Below are few factors that will help you filter professional agency from unprofessional ones:

1. Analyse what you need
Before you start looking for a translation agency and discuss your needs with them, you, yourself need to analyze few things. Below are the lists of things for you to answer to yourself:

  • What is the target audience language?
  • Is it legal document or financial document or a website or contract? What is the translation agency suppose to translate? There can be other options also.
  • Do you want to have all the content translated at one go or you would like to set different stage for translation. For example, you can get the urgent documents translated now and marketing content translated later at next stage.
  • Target audience locality is also important. In realty ground, different variant of same language is used in different part of the world. For example, variant of English that is spoken in India is not same as the variant of English spoken in UK

2. Research several translation agencies
There are 500+ translation agencies in India. Hence, there is no shortage of choices. You can get the list from Google itself. You can type in 'professional translation agencies' or 'professional translation companies' and you will get 100+ companies for sure. After getting the list of all the professionals, compare them. Besides Google, there are forums, articles and press releases that can suggest you few professional agencies and may even help you in selecting most efficient one for you.

3. Agency inside details
A professional agency in India is the one who has highly skilled team of translators in India for each & every language. Besides translation, they should also have various subjects and industry experts. Only then can a translation agency provide professional language translation services.

4. Client lists
If the translation agency is well reputed and efficient, it must have good quantity and quality of clients. Ask agencies for the list of clients whom they have served translation services. If they don't have any or if they are not willing to disclose even 5 names, give a thumps down to that agency and kick them out of your list of professional translation agencies.

5. Discuss with the translation agency about your needs
Translation agency won't know your needs until you tell them at least few basic things. You need to convey the things that you analyse at first step (remember the first step analyse what you need). This will give them a brief of what you expect from the agency.

6. Quality commitment
We have already explained why quality translation is is very important. It's an obvious thing that agencies will give all the 'good to hear commitments'. But you better don't believe them until a logical explanation is given by them. One of the good ways to judge their quality of commitment is to ask them about the process of implementing and delivering professional translation service.

7. Pricing policy
Pricing! A factor that no one ignores and neither should you. It's not necessary that a company with highest costing will give most professional translation service. Neither is the case that a agency with lowest cost will provide worst translation service. In fact, a professional translation company's charges will be very genuine and highly competitive.

In this way, you can distinguish translation agencies from professional translation agencies and then hire a more efficient one. Remember, the content translated will set a brand image in the globe and compromising on translation quality will do not good for you.

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