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Language Translation Company V/S Free Online Translators. What Is Better For You?

Posted on July 19, 2014 by TGCS

People in India love to have free things. Isn't it? However, what if it doesn't provide desired result? Now, after hearing this, you will first like to know what will you miss if you use freebies instead of paid one's and then decide what should you do. Am I right?

The same situation is true for language translation. There are number of free translators available online. On the other site, there are translation companies whom you will need to pay handsome amount. Also, it's obvious; you will get better translation from companies compared to free translators. But the important thing is to analyze what you will lose if you choose free translators instead of translation company.

Here is the analysis:

1. Grammatical mistakes:
A free translator's work like layman. It doesn't provide grammatically correct output. This is because it considers single word as a time and consider. On another hand, translation companies have efficient team of human translators. Hence, they don't provide layman's work. They consider the whole sentence and even paragraph (if needed), to translate content grammatically correct. Hence, choosing a translation company is a better option if you want a grammatically perfect content.

2. Legal parameter:
Obviously if you need language translation services, you will need it for cross-country communication. Now, each country has different laws of actions. Now, free translators are not aware of the variants in law from different countries. Now, your content will have many legal factors in it and it needs to be changed according to the country. Free translators will not consider the legality while translation. On other hand, a translation company team considers the legal things of the target audience country and then gives you the final translation. Slightest of mistake in translation can put you / your company in legal problems. Hence translation work needs human efforts if you don't want to get into legal problems.

3. Value your time and focus on your business instead of others:
If you believe translation is an easy and fast job, if regret to say that you are wrong. If the number of word to be translated is high, translation will consume lots of your time if tried doing by free translators. Instead of wasting time on translation, if you concentrate on your business, it will be more productive. Let the translation industry take care of translation work. Let the specialists take care of their responsibility and you take care of your responsibility.

4. Technical details:
Besides legal parameters, there are many technical details that need to be taken care of while translating. Currency value specified in the content by Indian companies will obviously be in Rupees (INR). However, when the content is translated from English to any other language, translation company in India will convert the price according to the currency of the target language geographic. For example, if the original content say 60 INR, the translated content should show $1 (as Rs.60 = $1). However, a free translator won't consider such technical parameters while translation. Hence if you want the translated content to be technically correct, you should look to hire a professional language translation company.

6. Price:
For any work, how can we forget the cost? Obviously, as said earlier, you can get the job for free from free online translators whereas you will have to pay handsome amount to get the professional translation services. So this is the only point which indicates that having free translators is better than hiring translation companies in India.

So now, after all the analysis given to you, it's up to you to decide what you want. Free translation or quality translation! Also, we would like to tell you that you should select only professional language translation company in India instead of any random company.

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