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Steps For Delivering Professional Translation Services

Posted on July 16, 2014 by TGCS

Translation companies in India, when hired for language translation services, should provide quality professional translation service instead of just converting every word from source to target language like a layman.

If a translation company takes care of following factors, it can successfully deliver quality translation services:

1. Source language:
Source language is the original language of the content. Translation Company should be well versed with the source language.

2. Target language:
Target language is the language in which the content needs to be translated.

Translation company should have quality team of translators who has understanding for both; source and target language.

3. Translation content subject expert:
Each industry has its standard and their specific technical requirement. For example, for financial institution, when the content is translated from one language to another, even the currency value needs to be changes. This is just one case that we have specified. There are many situations where industry technical details needs to be kept in mind while translation. Hence, at every stage, a technical person should be considered while translation goes on. Subject level expert will be a huge boost to the professionalism of the translation..

4. Target audience geographic:
Although, the target is well known, we still need to know the geographic of target audience. This is because one language can have multiple variants and geographical regions may be using different variant of same language. For example, Russian spoken in one part geographic may be different from Russian spoken from another geographic. Hence, it is important to know the target audience geographic and perform the translation work accordingly.

5. Client involvement:
It's important to involve client at times while translating content. We should update them about the progress on where have we reached. In case if we have any query regarding the original content, we can consult them. There can be various other instances wherein we can involve client. Involving client will establish trust for your brand.

6. Proofreading:
Proofreading is a process of checking for correction after translation is done. As the translation is done by humans, there is a scope for minor corrections. This scope can be detected at proofreading stage and then corrected.

By following all these steps, any translation company in India can successfully deliver professional translation service.

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