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Website Translation Service In India

Posted on July 14, 2014 by TGCS

Today is a world of globalization and website is an important part of company's global business. A website is the third step of your business after name and logo.

Website is used for following purpose:

  • Product / service information: Website is a place where a company puts in list of all the products and services it delivers. Each product/service can have its detailed description.
  • Team information: Company’s entire team can be showcased on the website with individual’s background description. It helps in transparency thereby establishing sense of trust among investors and customers. Also, if any fake individual is visiting your lead/client, it can be easily spotted.
  • Marketing: Success without marketing is difficult to achieve if not impossible. Today is a world of digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) is an important component of digital marketing. The first step of SEO is website and hence search engine optimization is not possible without website.

Now imagines the scenario – you are marketing your English language website in China. This will mean, they have heard of your brand name through some medium and now they are going through your website to check your company details. But many people in China don't understand English. Hence your marketing activity goes in waste. In addition, your brand name will be damaged and there is a possibility that you may even lose your existing customers. For sample, an Indian bank opens its branches in China and gets few individual to open their bank accounts. After opening the account, they wish to access netbanking system or any other website feature. But because your website is in non-Chinese language he doesn’t understand your website and eventually closes the bank account.

Hence website translation is an important service for global business.

Process of website translation is more than just converting content from one language to another. It is a multi-layered and complicated process. A website language translation company in India can be very useful for you for translating your website from one language to another. For website translation companies in India, it does not matter whether the website is supposed to be translated from English to Chinese, French, Italian, Arabic, etc or vice versa. Professional translation companies in India has have highly qualified team of translators for each language. They have experts of panel for various industries. They ensure that aspects such as political leaning, offensive graphics, and geographical significances are eliminated. This will ensure that individual from all the communities (countries, states, and territories) enjoy reading the content, navigate through the website & explore more and more about your brand.

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