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A Leading Language Translation Company

Our Vision :
Translingua Global is a best translation company in India providing language translation to companies across the globe.
Language plays an important role to disseminate any product, services and ideas to any corner of the world. Working several years in language processing field, we are now an professional language translation services agency for you. To achieve this objective well through our language services, we - a language translation company in India, have made "Optimum Creativity With Client’s Satisfaction" our motto. It's this motto of ours that makes us one of the best translation agencies in India.
We are aware of the fact that a beautiful and communicable language leaves a deep impact on you. The same idea can be expressed in several ways, some of them are impressive and some prove unattractive and incommunicable. All rely upon language. Today, being in a global world, you need to reach people or communities with your ideas, services and products, in other parts of the world having different languages, cultures, traditions and geographical features. Obviously it is amazingly possible through language and it involves processing of source language into target one, i.e., Language Processing.
Whether it is Translation-localization, Editing, copy writing, subtitling or content writing, this translation company emphasize upon Communicability and beauty of the target language. Our committed and highly skilled language professionals keep in mind that the Target language they are working on, must have facts and meanings of the Source language, as well they could also become interesting and attractive for the Target community. That is why we don'’t promote mechanical language processing. Language has been invented by human beings and they have developed it in thousands of years; so, we must not kill the spirit of language by processing it mechanically. Keeping this fact in mind TGC Services, a translation company in India, started this language services assembling with like-minded linguists, so that you can get a creative and communicable language solution from us.
This is the phase of fast economical activities and for you ‘time’ counts a lot. The second thing we always follow in our services, is meeting your time deadline. The translation agency tries its best to return your project in stipulated time-period, so that you can achieve its maximum benefit.
With our service, we believe in going with Ethics. Before assigning projects, our experts examine them thoroughly. Only once having assured about the appropriateness and compatibility of your project, we start working on them, and can returned to you with high quality within stipulated time period.
Your Satisfaction is ours :
TGC Services considers your satisfaction as its own. If you aren't satisfied with our processed product, we think it as our failure. That's why with our motto, we also care for your satisfaction. And, this is what makes you eager to build a prolong business relationship with us.
Thanking You !!
TGCS - A Language Translation company in India
For any inquiry you can contact us at :
Reasons why we consider as our selves the best translation company in India:
Quality Translation and other Linguistic Work
Hundreds of Satisfied Clients
Expertise in a variety of domains
Global Language Pairs
Panel of Expert Linguists
Deadline meeting
Highly Competitive Charge
Non-disclosure policy
TGC Services is one of the leading translation companies in India. We look forward to work with you. We also expect your feedback regarding our services.
If have any query regarding our services, term-conditions, rates etc. please contact us on
Or Call @ 91-9320040008 91-9967408755 Your Can also chat on Skype: sumit.singh95
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