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Translation Company in India

Translingua Global is one of the best language translation companies in India. Being a top language translation company in Mumbai and Bengaluru, we specialize in professional language translation services. Our translation services include activities like localization, Editing, Proofreading, Website Translation, Subtitling, Transcribing, etc. Besides translation, we also provide services for copy writing, photo-editing, article writing, logo designing, ad-copy writing.
Translation is an integral part of your global business requirements through which you expand our services, products and ideas to the different part of the globe, where despite of having different languages, cultures and traditions people understand each-another well. Trans-Lingua Global is one of those translation company in Mumbai that emphasizes on highly communicative language conversion of a source text to the target one. To do it possible, we involve only native linguists of the target languages for the translation project. We specialize in both, Indian & Foreign language translation services.
Localization essentially means the adaptation of content (in any language) to another language and includes making necessary changes to geo-cultural indicators like graphics, colors, currency, number and date formats, etc.
Editing and Proof reading of a script requires establishing a logical relationship between the sentences, words, punctuations, improving any spelling mistakes, etc. After developing a script, its coarseness is needed to remove from the text. This is done through editing work. Editing readies your script for final publishable form.

Likewise translation, a good editing work also requires an expert and native linguist. This translation company in Mumbai involves only involves native linguists in editing work. After getting edited a script, in TGC Services generally 3 round reviewing process is applied. Once it is declared as error free, it is prepared to send you.
Website Translation is a kind of translation where linguists have to think of several technical aspects of the words they are working on. Here a linguist is required to have aware with the current web-writing trends. For this kind of translation we assign your projects only to the linguists who have current knowledge of web script writing, are aware with website terminologies and above all they must be net savvy in nature.
Subtitling displays translation of source conversations or text into target one in localized form. Basically film and TV programs use this language form. For subtitling our linguists keep a relevant and very communicable language form in their mind, so that your source text is converted according to the culture, tradition and language of the target community.

Transcribing is the conversion of the audio and video content to the text form. A good linguist can conduct this work well. Our linguists are very competent and expert to do this job at very fast speed. Thus, maintaining our quality we can deliver a huge lot of transcribed files.
Document Translation- We provide translation services for documents and certificates of Birth - Death - Marriage - School certificates, Bank statements, Contracts, Legal documents, Medical documents, Technical documents, Visa forms, Passports, Powerpoint presentations, Emails, Banners, Flyers, etc.
Copy Writing and Article writing are the linguistic art of developing content, based on the given source content, considering the pre-defined objectives, purpose and keeping the target audience in mind. Copywriting is required when creating content for business, marketing or publishing and in all cases when the content is going to be read by several people. TGC Services has a team of very experience copywriters. They are highly skilled in delivering quality writing product in the shortest possible time. We present you very communicable and beautifully created scripts for websites, brochures, AD-copy, manuals, fly-sheet or on any other form of text.
Ad-copy writing involves developing advertisement contents for a specific product or service. It is supposed to be a highly creative writing work. Our ad writers are very well versed with current ad writing trends. They always use extremely catchy language for making ad- content, so that it could directly attract the target consumers.
Logo Designing- Photo-Editing: we have also an efficient team of logo designers and photo-editors. They present you an extremely creative designing work in shortest period of time. Our Photo Editing works include all type of Photoshop, Image ready, Photo express applications for improving your damaged photo contents.
We look forward to serve you with our optimum creativity and business ethics,
to provide you an ultimate solution to your inter-language problems!!
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